The computer educational program has a mission to create conditions in which a person perceives the basic knowledge and skills necessary for successful socialization. An effective way of implementation of such interactive education is organizing by student’s research activity, which is very important of all level computer education programs. Contributes to the professional self of students, and in the future of the student, this is the most effective thing of professional activities. Computer technology plays an important role in the implementation of research activities, performing some important functions. If someone conducts information search without computer technology and it takes much more time. A researcher is able to study only sources found in the libraries. The chosen topic thirdly, the reviewed sources may be absolute and research can never know that they choose topic has worked out or not, because of another person and scholar either in researcher country and another country.


CEP is used to teach a student in support teaching and learning software. Educational software is essential in any learning environment to allow teacher and students maximize the power of the computer. There are hundreds of educational software titles available on the market but not all are suitable for use in school. CEP is one of the best programs to enhance the student’s skills to work with different tools and with different software’s. These types of programs enhance the student’s skills for learning.

This vast collection of educational software can be divided into two categories.

  1. Content-free-software
  2. Content-rich-software


The content-free software is more complex and flexible software of the two different categories is provides teacher and the students with the tools to provide their own content.


Content-rich-software accounts for a large proportion of commercially produced educational software. It is typically comprised multimedia content.

Unlike content free software the uses can provide the input and output their material, as this program tends to difficult the level of user control and programs, a large proportional of content-rich software basically available is tutorial and practice of student and teacher. A student is having different mastering concepts the teacher may decide to introduce a drill and practice math’s program. This is the apart from presenting the alternative format and this idea provides the student with a safe and user-friendly environment in which that can practice your skills. Content-rich-software is highly useful for the software and should be carefully selected to support aspects of the school and college curriculum.

The NCTE does not provide approved lists of education software program. It believes that teachers are best positioned to choose software that is learning the needs of their teaching, learning, and development educational skills. And the NCTE selects to assist the teachers in selecting appropriate software. When the school purchases the software it is by default purchasing the licenses to use the software. it is important that the most appropriate license is purchased. This will be determined by the intended use of the software in the school.

The issues of the technical support and availability of enhancing are the important part of the consideration when deciding on particular educational software Programs and the software developer provide the technical support for their product and projects. The majority of the teacher either private or public is professional in basic programming and very minimum teachers in logo programming.

Technology is getting enhanced day by day and new software are heard, CEP plays really a very vital role in students educational sectors. They provide such a beneficial platform from where students get acknowledge from various technologies and software. This platform enhances the learning skills there are many papers written regarding this program you can buy dissertation online on these topics.


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